For me, it's not politics.
It's personal.

I am the daughter of a public school teacher and a nurse, and grew up in a proud middle class community where authenticity and hard work were championed above all. These values shaped my work for the next 20 years, driving me to give back to our community. For me this isn’t politics, it’s personal.

I know all too well the burden of healthcare costs, and have been a leader in the fight for affordable healthcare. I have stood with my late parents as we tried in vain to find affordable, quality senior care as their health worsened. I have fought for over 25 years to find my mentally ill brother housing and care in a system where families are destined to fail.

I have experienced the burden of our economic system that only benefits the upper class. At age 44 I still pay my student loans and see an ever increasing property tax burden. I know what it is like to live paycheck-to-paycheck and understand the everyday struggles of millions of Illinoisans. I know Illinois can do better. As your next State Representative, I will make sure that we do. I hope to meet you in the neighborhood.

About Kim

Kim has over 21 years of experience in government and the non-profit and private sector and, along the way, has never lost track of her desire to help those in the communities she serves.  Kim currently works to partner with local communities to bring emergency medications to hurricane victims, expand access to flu shot vaccines, and promote the safe disposal of medication to combat the opioid crisis.

Kim helped Mike Quigley clean up Cook County Government writing sweeping ethics reforms, government accountability measures, and forward-thinking environmental policies. As his Director of Policy Analysis and later Chief of Staff, she authored and co-authored seven reports on how to restructure and reinvent government. Now she’s ready to do the same in Springfield.

Kim has been active member of the Democratic party for over 20 years. Kim was the Director of Illinois Women for Hillary Clinton in 2016, responsible for women’s outreach across the state and helping Hillary beat Trump in Illinois in the general election. She was the youngest graduate in the first class of the Illinois Women in Leadership, and sits on the Leadership Circle of the Democratic County Chairs Association, helping to elect Democrats across the state.

Kim is a leader in her community. She sits on countless boards – from ChildServ to the Haymarket Center – working to safeguard vulnerable children and those with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems.

Master's Degree in Public Policy (Georgetown University, 2000)
Over 21 years of experience in Government and the non-profit and private sector
Dedicated to public service. Kim has been involved in public service since high school in 1993 where she had to fight to save their music and theater programs
10 years working in leadership for Mike Quigley and was instrumental in his reform efforts (Director of Policy Analysis, Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff)
Personally understands the needs of the District: Kim put herself through college and understands the struggles of working families
Moved into the 12th District in 2000
Kim’s mom Mary was her and her sister’s best friend.  After Mary’s stroke, Kim learned firsthand the struggles families face as they try to find affordable, quality care for aging family members in Illinois.  After losing their mom in 2016, Kim knew the best way to honor her memory was to help others and enact change for other families.