Access to affordable and quality healthcare

As State Representative, Kim will fight to protect Illinois from Trump’s attack on affordable health care. She will fight to expand coverage for the uninsured and underinsured.

In 2005, Kim wrote the law and built the coalitions to pass the Cook County Clean Indoor Air Ordinance – banning smoking indoors in public places in Cook County.  This bill lead to Smoke Free Illinois.  For her leadership, Kim received an award from the Respiratory Health Association.

While working for Evergreen Health, a non-profit health insurance co-op created under Obamacare, Kim was responsible for all open enrollment outreach.  Thanks to her efforts, tens of thousands of people got covered – many for the first time. While working there she learned that we CAN do better if we take the profit motivation out of our healthcare system.

Today she is working to create healthier communities through her work with Walgreens by organizing flu vaccine clinics, coordinating emergency pharmaceutical assistance to shelters during natural disasters, and working on public outreach campaigns to help combat the opioid crisis.
Saving taxpayer dollars

As State Representative, Kim will push to look at how the state is providing services and see if we can’t do things more efficiently.  This needs to include a task force of public servants, not senior-level executives, who are on the ground day in and day out and know how their agencies can operate more efficiently and effectively.

While working for Mike Quigley, Kim authored or co-authored seven reports on how to restructure and reinvent Cook County Government. These reports detailed millions of dollars in taxpayer savings and instead of cutting services, it created more efficiencies. It also asked the simple question: Should we be doing what we are doing?
Protecting our environment

As State Representative, Kim will fight to protect Illinois from Trump’s disastrous policies.  She will protect Lake Michigan from invasive species and pollution, as well as work with our neighboring states to inspect the fragile and aging oil pipelines under our Great Lakes that threaten our precious resource and primary water supply.

Kim has fought to protect the environment at every level of her career. While working at Cook County, she wrote and passed legislation banning the use of taxpayer dollars on plastic bottled water and wrote legislation protecting our Cook County Forest Preserve District land from development. Kim has championed the Chicago River through coordination of multiple River Rescue Days and volunteered in the Cook County Forest Preserves.

Kim was also appointed by Governor Quinn to the Great Lakes Commission, a bi-national organization comprised on represenatives from 8 states and Ontario and Quebec.
Reproductive Health - Your body, your choice. Period.

Kim believes we all have the right to have complete control over our own reproductive health choices – whether that is the choice to have a child, or not have a child.

As State Representative Kim will fight to protect Illinois from Washington’s attack on choice.  She will fight to repeal the parental notification law that puts young women at-risk and ensure our taxpayer-funded healthcare systems have the resources they need to provide reproductive health services to all womxn.

In addition, as one of the millions of women across this country experiencing infertility, Kim knows the emotional and financial toll of trying to conceive a child. Kim will fight for expanded access to infertility treatments, including closing the current loopholes and increasing the maximum lifetime limit on fertility coverage. She will also work to ensure that insurance companies provide parity in coverage for single individuals and same-sex couples.
Protections and full equality for LGBTQA+ community

As State Representative, Kim will fight for the LGBTQA+ community to ensure full equality in Illinois.  She will ensure that communities have the resources they need including LGBTQA+ senior housing, youth programming, and healthcare.  She will also fight to protect the rights of same-sex couples to adopt and foster children and ensure health insurance companies provide parity in coverage for fertility treatments.

While working for then-Commissioner Mike Quigley, their team passed the Cook County Domestic Partnership Registry. In 2002, they spearheaded and passed the Gender Identity Amendment to the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance, protecting individuals from discrimination in employment, housing, credit, and public accommodations based on their gender identity. While working with Walgreens, Kim also partners with local governments to promote National HIV testing days throughout the country.
Ethics and transparency

As State Representative, Kim will fight for greater transparency and accountability in government. She will introduce a bill to require plain-English versions of all legislation to be published with all proposed legislation so the public can better understand what is being voted on in Springfield. She will also work to strengthen the Office of the Inspector General.

Alongside Mike Quigley, Kim helped lead the efforts to shine a light on Cook County Government through the introduction of comprehensive ethics reforms.
Gun control

As State Representative, Kim will fight the gun lobby and push for point-of-sale background checks and stronger Firearm Owners Identification card (FOID) requirements that would include fingerprinting. She will champion a ban on all large-capacity ammunition magazines and semi-automatic assault rifles. Kim will also look to broaden gun prohibitions in cases of convicted domestic abusers.

Kim will support legislation to substantially increase state funding for evidenced-based violence intervention programs. She knows we need to recognize that the gun violence epidemic is not just a matter of public safety, but a public health crisis. She will engage and listen to those on the front lines of this crisis and make common sense reform that stops a person from picking up a gun in the first place and keeps guns away from those who are at-risk and have the potential to harm. 

Kim has worked with the Gun Violence Prevention Education Center to coordinate a summit for gun violence prevention stakeholders from across the country.

Full policy briefs and additional issues coming soon.

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