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Kim Walz

A lifetime of public service. A demonstrated problem solver.

Kim grew up in a middle class family. Her mom was a nurse and her dad was a public school teacher. She was raised knowing that it is not about ``me`` but about ``we.`` Her parents taught her to fight for fairness and equality and to give a voice to the voiceless.

Kim has spent her 20+ year career advocating for better access to healthcare, equal rights, and fair and transparent government. She believes that no matter what your zip code or your income bracket, you have a right to affordable health care and a high-quality education.


Kim's first grassroots experience was in the early 90s. Growing up in Freeport, Illinois, her school district was facing the elimination of their arts programs - theater, orchestra, choir and band. An avid singer, actress and, violin player, Kim knew the importance of keeping arts in our schools. She joined students, teachers, and community members going door to door asking residents to pass a referendum to raise their taxes to save the arts. Fast forward over 25 years later and she was on the front lines of electing progressive democrats at all levels of government. After her mom died she needed to dedicate herself fully to something with meaning- and that was electing the first woman President. She volunteered full-time to run women's outreach in Illinois for Hillary's Presidential campaign in the general election.


In her first job out of college, Kim created a fellowship program in her local Mayor's office and was responsible for managing the public transportation system. After receiving a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University, she spent 10 years working for Commissioner (and later Congressman) Mike Quigley. As his Chief of Staff, she helped him launch the reform movement in Cook County government. After the passage of Obamacare, she served as an executive at a non-profit health insurance co-op helping tens of thousands get health insurance for the first time. Today she works with Walgreens creating healthier communities throughout the Western half of the U.S. and assisting with disaster recovery when hurricanes or natural disasters strike. She also traveled to Kenya, visiting Women Empowerment Centers and clean water development projects supported by the company.

a voice

Kim knows what it is like to fight for the voiceless. Growing up her father was the Board President of the Association for the Handicapped, an organization dedicated to providing job opportunities for the disabled. She volunteered in special needs classrooms and summer camps and worked to improve the lives of those around her. When he was in his 20s, her brother suffered from a schizophrenic break and she has spent over 25 years trying to help him in a system that is broken and fails families across this state and country. Kim also regularly volunteers at a local domestic violence shelter in her neighborhood, throwing annual mother's day parties for the families living in the shelter and coordinating christmas stockings and donations for the 60+ children living there.